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Sacred Circle Tarot Suit of Discs

Ace of Discs

Key word: abundance

The Ace of Discs is the root of the powers of Earth. It is the magical tool of the north and appears in various guises as the shield, the pentacle, the mirror and the stone.  The suit of discs corresponds to the element of earth, the season of winter, midnight and the direction of the North. Earth is solid, the manifest world; it rules the body and the material plane, including such things as money and possessions.

Divinatory meanings:

The raw energy of the ace of discs enables something to be made manifest in the physical world, the beginning of an enterprise, whether financial, or taking the creative inspiration of the Ace of Wands and turning it into physical works of art, paintings, sculptures, books or music. Money may become available to get your projects off the ground.

Reverse meanings:

The Ace reversed indicates that you have closed your eyes to everything which goes beyond the material. Your pleasures are derived purely from the physical realm, whether they be eating, drinking, sex, or buying things.  You have become rather greedy and want more and more, but remain unsatisfied. Do you remember the person you used to be- full of dreams and potentials? It is time to get back in touch with this side of yourself again and become a human being, not just a consumer.

Two of discs

Key word: fluctuation

The card shows two discs decorated with basil leaves, moving in harmony and balance: first one is higher, then the other. They are in constant movement.

Divinatory meanings:

Here the power of the Ace is polarised and its energy must be given direction and made manifest. Fluctuations in your fortune make projects difficult, and you will need to be flexible in your approach, but where there are losses there will also be gains. Your finances will need careful handling and you must budget carefully and avoid purchasing on credit. The Two of Discs calls on you to learn to move with the ebb and flow of energies as things need to move and change to live; stagnation is death.

Reverse meanings:

You seem to be unable to finish anything you start or perhaps even keep a job. You are more concerned with the pleasures of the moment and are spending money you cannot afford. If you are not careful you will find yourself in debt.

Three of discs

Key word: dedication

The card shows three discs, intricately carved with images from the Gunderstrup cauldron, obviously by a master craftsman.

Divinatory meanings:

The Three of Discs is the card of the craftsman, including the writer and artist. In an age of mass production, these skills are not as honoured as they once were, when they were tinged with a magical mystique. The craftsman’s abilities are hard won, natural inclinations and abilities have to be trained, honed and refined. This card speaks of dedication and hard work, but if you are prepared to expend this effort, you will gain the admiration and acclaim of your peers. It may be that you are about to embark on a course of study. As with all the threes, this card marks the completion of the first part of a life journey, and you are entitled to congratulate yourself for what you have achieved so far, but bear in mind that there is more to come, and you should approach the future with resolution and  careful consideration.


Reverse meanings:

The Three of Discs reversed shows that you have become pre-occupied with money and possessions, and rather than making them work for you or using them to help others, you are only interested in hoarding them like a miser. You are missing out on a lot of opportunities in life because you fear to lose what you have - mere things, which bring you little real pleasure or benefit.

Four of discs

Key word: materialism

The card shows four jewelled discs, highly polished and studded with precious stones.  They glitter and sparkle, blinding the eye to the beautiful landscape that lies behind them which is lush and full of promise, but totally ignored.

Divinatory meanings:

You are giving far too much importance to possessions and material acquisitiveness is dominating your life. Money is only metal and paper, it is your attitude towards it that is in question. A person who clings too tightly to their money and material possessions, and values themselves in terms of what they own is betraying a lack of personal worth. The point of money is that it circulates, it is redeemed against goods and skills. You need to be able to let go of things you no longer need [including emotions] in order to move forward and let your energies and creativity flow freely.

Reverse meanings:

You are suspicious of others. You fear to delegate authority because you do not wish to lose total control over your circumstances, business or possessions to another: you want to hold all the cards. However, this is preventing you moving forward.  

Five of discs

Key word: restriction

The card shows five rusty shields bound up with blackthorn. In the background are the Rollright Stones.

Divinatory meanings:

The Five of Discs indicates that your life becomes bound by enforced restrictions. The likely cause of this is financial difficulty. You may have lost your job or business, or just not have enough money to make ends meet and have to rely on your family and your friends to help you. If you think possessions equal worth you will undergo a crisis of personal confidence. However, perhaps you should consider this as an opportunity to reconsider your attitudes and develop a sense of self-worth based on who you are, rather than what you do or what you own. Depending on the surrounding cards the Five of Discs can also indicate a disappointment in love. Try to see the situation as a challenge from which you can make a new and better start.

Reverse meanings:

You find yourself in financial difficulties, perhaps due to long term unemployment. It may be time to reconsider your career goals and retrain for a new profession. However, the situation may only be temporary and this should be indicated by surrounding cards.

Six of discs

Key word: bounty

The six beautiful rainbow coloured discs of this card appear against the background of  Bollowall Barrow in Cornwall, which looks out over the sea towards the Isles of Scilly.  

Divinatory meanings:

You will be the beneficiary of someone else’s bounty. Perhaps you will receive a a monetary gift or just some good advice. This will put your financial affairs on a firmer footing and restore your waning faith in yourself. Remember that you have been helped by the generosity of another, and that in turn you should be generous with your own time and advice when someone needs it. Depending on the surrounding cards, the Six of Discs can be warning you not to rush into a love affair or a hasty marriage, because the relationship will not last.

Reverse meanings:

You have lost something because you were negligent - be more careful, and try not to not to waste things or throw money away.

Seven of discs

Key word: prudence

Six discs are laid out in a pattern, while one disc remains which cannot fit into the existing structure.

Divinatory meanings:

A scheme that seems to good to be true is too good to be true. Invest in it and you will lose a considerable amount of money.  If you are hoping that a big gambling win will change your life, you are in for a disappointment. These pipe dreams are preventing you putting in the time and consistent effort you really need to be successful. You may be neglecting a profitable occupation in favour of mirages which will provoke quarrels and earn you criticism.

Reverse meanings:

You encounter financial problems and possible bankruptcy due to bad investments or gambling.

Eight of discs

Key word: skill

Seven of the stone discs in this card are skilfully carved with the double spiral motif, which represents the life journey. One more disc remains as yet untouched.

Divinatory meanings:

This is often the card that represents a mid-life crisis, but at any age you might decide that a different career or lifestyle would be more rewarding. Putting such ideas into practice can be quite frightening as you risk losing what you have already achieved, but a new energy and greater satisfaction can come from it.  This is a particularly fortuitous card for the artist who decides to dedicate himself or herself to an artistic career in maturity. Depending on the surrounding cards, the Eight of Discs can indicate a marriage late in life or a new phase in an existing relationship.

Reverse meanings:

Take note of the old saying ‘penny wise but pound foolish’:  it is no good trying to economise on small things while still expending large amounts of money on bigger ones. Plan your financial strategy carefully, at the moment you are unlikely to have more than small sums of money coming in, and it is wise to save what you can.

Nine of discs

Key word: gain

The nine steel discs of this card, representing material affairs, are highly polished and well maintained. They overlap and are arranged in a stable formation. However, the background depicts a windblown crag against a dark sky. Though the earth, material element is stable, the air, mind element is stormy.

Divinatory meanings:

The Nine of Discs indicates considerable financial gain. This may be the result of your past prudence, thrift and hard work; a reward for your efforts and careful administration. This is also the card of unearned money received from unexpected sources such as inherited wealth, winnings, gifts, settlements or alimony. In either case, good luck attends your material affairs. However, this does not bring you the satisfaction you thought it would. You feel restless and would like a new challenge; you would like to change your life, travel and have adventures. Your present relationship may be a source of discontent and you are tempted to embark on a new one.

Reverse meanings:

The Nine of Cups reversed indicates financial gain from tainted sources or money obtained by theft or embezzlement. Either you are fully aware of the source of this money, or you suspect; it is a matter for your own conscience whether you accept it. Just remember, that ultimately there is a price to be paid for everything.

Ten of discs

Key word: tradition

The ten polished discs of this card are arranged in a stable triangular structure, reminiscent of some family crest or heraldic device.  

Divinatory meanings:

This card is concerned with family and tradition. It may concern family wealth, property or material security based on the work of others in the past. Perhaps you are impelled to research into your family history or found a dynasty of your own. Perhaps a family home is about to be bought or sold. On a another level, this card may concern the creation of something which can be passed down to future generations, whether it be the setting up of a business, the building or restoration of property or a painting, poem or piece of music.

Reverse meanings:

The Ten of Discs reversed is warning you that you have become stuck in a rut without realising it. Wake up and seek new challenges! Exercise your imagination before it is too late and create something you would be proud to leave to posterity. This reversed card can point to problems with wills and trusts and disagreements about money in the family.

Page of discs

Key word: health

The Page of Discs is depicted as a vital young man, clad in a green tunic and cloak. He rests briefly in a leafless clearing before resuming his duties. His pose indicates that he his ready to take up his shield and spring into action. He seems to be enjoying the brisk, winter air.

Divinatory meanings::

The Page of Cups is the card of health. Pay attention to the needs of your physical body and your health. If you are in a stressful situation this becomes all the more important.  The influence of the Page may be felt in your life in the shape of a real person, a young man or woman. The Page is a perfectionist, fastidious, neat and tidy. He has a sharp, analytical mind but he can be harshly critical.  Though he is capable of a steadfast and loyal love, the Page is rather aloof, unemotional and completely unromantic; left to his own devices he is probably quite happy to be celibate. He does not really need other people.  

Reverse meanings:

A selfish and greedy person, probably a relative, will cause you problems. This person is very critical, fussy and over meticulous in small details. They are obsessed with their own health and may insist on strict and faddy diets. This reversed card can also indicate the onset of an illness which can be prevented or at least ameliorated by proper care and attention. Do not ignore any early warning symptoms.

Knight of discs

Key word: husbandry

The card shows a stocky, young knight with dark brown hair and eyes. It is winter, and the campaigning season is at an end. All the knights and soldiers have returned to their farms to plough their fields and tend their animals.

Divinatory meanings:

Satisfaction can be gained from seeing small jobs through to the best of your ability, which is just as well, as you will need to work hard and attend to details to see a matter through. At the moment you will need to be patient and approach people and situations with gentleness. At this time you will gain inner peace from contact with the earth and by attending to practical things, perhaps tending your house and garden.

The influence of the Knight of Discs may appear in your life in the shape of a young man who will set you an example of the virtues of hard work, patience and gentleness. He is a steady, tranquil man who is capable of taking anything in his stride and dealing with it, without wasting energy on worry or regret. He loves the land and the countryside and is happiest in familiar surroundings. As a friend or a lover he is faithful and dependable. He is, however, rather intolerant of impractical people and though it takes a lot to make him lose his temper, once it is roused it is not easily quenched.

Reverse meanings:

You seem to be caught in a spiral of ever increasing inertia.  You feel less and less like doing anything at all.

Queen of discs

Key word: expression

The card portrays a beautiful, black haired, sloe eyed woman. She reclines sensuously on a golden throne, confident in herself and her attractiveness.

Divinatory meanings:

Your body is a sacred gift, given to you to explore the full range of experiences of the physical plane, not to be ignored, denigrated or abused.  We live in the material world, interacting with it and with other people; this is natural and good. Physical contact nourishes the psyche and is important for physical, mental and spiritual health.

The appearance of the Queen of Discs in your spread may indicate that a woman will become important in your life. She is strong and independent, practical and very fond of good food, clothes, possessions and pleasure.  The Queen is ambitious, she admires success and social position and covets them for herself. She can be a good friend when it suits her, but she is capable of using others for her own ends.

Reverse meanings:

Beware of a woman who uses sex to gain power over others. She is a vain creature whose sense of self-worth is only reflected in the eyes of those who desire or admire her. She needs to constantly boost her ego by new conquests and will not be loyal or reliable as either a friend or a lover.

King of discs

Key word: earth

In this card we meet the quintessential powers of earth in the guise of the King of Discs. Earth is the element most closely associated with the physical body and the environment. It is the incarnating principle, investing spirit with a material form. It is a nourishing element which supports life.

Divinatory meanings:

The King of Discs appearing in your spread indicates that it is time to deal and act within the material world. Life is a challenge and the test is how you meet it. Don't be taken in by people who seem to offer easy answers or try to look for short cuts. Depending on the surrounding cards the appearance of the King of Discs in your spread can indicate an increase of wealth or successful establishment in a profession, especially one concerned with mathematics or accounting.

The influence of the King of Discs may make itself felt in your life in the shape of a mature man. He thinks carefully before he acts, but when he does he follows the course he has set for himself without deviation. He is loyal and trustworthy and makes a very good friend, but he can be dangerous if crossed.

Reverse meanings:

Beware of falling under the influence of a tyrannical person who believes that his way is the only way. He has a petty mind and seeks to make others conform to his narrow, materialistic ideas. His heavy handed methods mask the innate weakness of his character. He equates change and any deviation from his slavishly followed views as a precarious loss of his control - a prospect which fills him with fear.

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