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By Anna Franklin, illustrated by Paul Mason

All over the world magicians, shamans and witches work with animal powers. An animal familiar represents the species as a whole, not a wolf, but Wolf. Through this connection the shaman or witch can draw on the power of the whole species for their strength and abilities. A familiar also acts as a guide to Otherworld places, where knowledge or healing may be sought. A special relationship is formed between the practitioner and their familiar, otherwise referred to as Totem, Power or Nagual animals. This fascinating and enlightening book details seeking a familiar using pathworkings and dance, calling a familiar, shapeshifting, spirit flight, thought forms, and entering the Otherworld. It goes on to detail animals, giving folklore and names, associated deities, elements and plants, natural history and a pathworking for a wide variety of animals.


“Undoubtedly one of the best books on the subject of animal familiars that I have ever seen...this book is a must for students of any tradition."

Time Between Times

“Bumper guide.....nice illustrations.. excellent compendium...Good value and recommended.”

The Cauldron

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ISBN 1898307 857

Published by Capall Bann

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