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The Celtic Animal Oracle

Call upon the strength of the bear, the swiftness of the horse, the courage of the boar and the far sight of the eagle…

This Celtic Animal Oracle is based on the teachings of British shamanic practice. Working with animal powers formed part of my early magical training and has been an essential part of my work ever since.  I was taught to work with the spirits of land and place, plants and animals as well as gods and goddesses, and that this knowledge is only gained by journeying into the Otherworld.

The Celts saw no great divide between humans and the rest of creation. In the Otherworld human souls and animal souls dwelt together with the gods. Because animals possessed spirit, or soul, permission had to be sought from the gods before they were killed, and ritual reparation made. The Celts believed in transmigration of souls, which meant that the next life might well be lived in animal form.

Celtic religion and magic seems to have been intimately bound up with the powers of animals. Some creatures were considered so Otherworldy that sorcerers were needed to herd them- Celtic swineherds were also powerful magicians. Animal powers were deliberately sought and used in a manner we might describe today as shamanic.

By Anna Franklin, illustrated by Paul Mason

The cards

The Celtic Animal Oracle utilises twenty-five animal archetypes, depicted in the twenty five cards of the deck, to help the reader explore his or her spiritual path, and determine life trends.

Published by Vega