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Hearth of Arianrhod

The Hearth of Arianrhod was founded in 1986 by Anna Franklin, its High Priestess, and since then has run a coven and an open teaching circle in the Midlands, UK. We also organise the Mercian Gathering.


The physical world is a manifestation of the sacred one. All life, and all of creation is sacred, and should be treated as such.

We recognise the principle of both male and female deity; we believe that the creative power of the universe manifests through polarity.

Our spirituality does not depend on accepting some scripture as literal truth, but on experiencing the sacredness inherent within the rhythms of nature, the turning of the stars, the changing of the seasons, and the mysteries of birth, life, death and rebirth.

The path is both a religion and a complete magical system based on the British Mystery Tradition, and is initiatory.

We seek to live wisely, without harm to others and in harmony with Nature. We do not seek power through the suffering of other people, animals or places.

We take responsibility for our own development, happiness and actions.

We recognise that there are many planes of existence- while we live in the manifest world, we seek contact with, and teaching from, the Otherworld, from our Gods and spirits.


We practice Traditional Witchcraft. Here in Britain, Traditional Witchcraft is a phrase used to denote the pre-Gardnerian Craft. Witchcraft is an imprecise term that may encompass various folk magic and shamanic practices throughout the world. Although Wicca is a useful word coined by Gardner to describe modern Goddess-centred, coven-orientated witchcraft, it has become rather devalued and diluted in recent years. To distinguish ourselves from Wiccans, we have decided to adopt the term Wicce.

While witches can be - and usually are - healers, teachers and pastoral carers for the community, the primary business of the witch is magic. You can be a healer, teacher or carer without being a witch, but you cannot be a witch without performing magic. When we cast a circle and perform a ritual, we focus the power of the Cosmos, and what is done in the ritual will be brought into being in the material world

The Eight Sabbats, which form the greater part of our ritual programme, concern a cycle of change and transformation. By participating in their energies, we undergo our own transformations and growth. It is an occult truism that the business of the magician is the transformation of the magician himself.



We have always run an open circle. It is not a moot, but a teaching group.

The Outer Circle serves a dual purpose - it is a starting point for anyone seeking to learn more about our tradition with a view to joining us, but also a resource and support to members of the wider Pagan community.

We meet once a month for talks, workshops, meditations and rituals.

We also run one or two local camps a year for members of the Outer Circle. At these, subjects can be explored in greater depth, and people can get to know each other better, as well as having some fun.

We initially met in Hinckley, moved to the Beacon in Nuneaton for 15 years, but have now moved back to Hinckley.

We currently meet at The Rendezvous, 119 Factory Road, Hinckley, Leics, the first Monday of the month at 7.30 p.m. There is a £2.50 charge to cover room hire.

All genuine seekers are welcome.

For more information, please see our Facebook page.

For those that cannot attend in person, there is a virtual hearth of Arianrhod on Facebook too



(A hive is formed when one or more members of the mother coven are given leave to create a new group)


The Hearth of Wyrd, Daventry, established by Ron Ford 2015.

The Hearth of Herne,  Nuneaton, established by Tim Jones, 2013


(Sadly, not all groups last. The average life of a coven is between one and five years)

The Hearth of Freyja (est 2017)

The Hearth of the Morrigan

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