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Real Wicca For Teens

By Anna Franklin & Sue Phillips

In recent years movies and TV programmes have portrayed modern witches in an exciting way and this has led to a massive increase of interest in witchcraft among young people. Spin off books and so called 'books of spells' have been published, often written by people who know little or nothing about the subject and which have nothing at all to do with real witchcraft and real magic. The line between fact and fantasy is blurred and it is often impossible for the novice to judge truth from fiction. Concerned to set right some of these misconceptions and avert the very real dangers they pose, Real Wicca For Young People has been written by Anna Franklin, a well known Pagan author and Wiccan high priestess, and Sue Phillips, a Wiccan elder and mother of teenage children. This book sets out to give a true picture of witchcraft [the ancient religion of Wicca] to young people, setting out its beliefs, practices and the principles of real magic, as opposed to the film and 'spell book' variety, in a practical and accessible way.

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ISBN 186163 1952

Published by Capall Bann

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